Deck Railing Accessories Provide Style and Function All Year

Autumn has arrived in central Pennsylvania, and many homeowners look forward to preparing their homes and properties for the winter months ahead. Whether you have a simple deck in your backyard with a barbecue grill and a small patio set or an inground pool with a pergola, cooler temperatures don’t necessarily mean it’s time to pack everything away until next year.

Keep your outdoor kitchen or favorite deck chairs in use for a little longer with the right additions. We will show you how deck railing accessories can upgrade the look and feel of your outdoor space so you can use it all year long. Simple steps can get you started, so don’t feel you have to overhaul your outdoor space immediately!

Elite Outdoor Expressions has a large selection of accessories for your deck, and we can help you find the perfect additions to your outdoor space. Contact us today at our New Holland or Lemoyne, Pennsylvania locations, and let us help you complete the look of your deck and get the outdoor space you have been dreaming about using in the cooler months.

Gates Provide Safety in the Dark

No matter where you live, if you have access to a porch, deck, or patio, there’s a good chance you would like to enjoy the space as much as possible. During autumn, as the nights grow longer and the temperature cools down, your deck can get dark and damp quickly, making the steps a safety hazard for children, adults, and pets alike.

One way to add safety, class, and elegance to your deck or front porch is by adding a new gate to your current deck or deck railing system. A gate acts as a protective barrier that prevents accidental slips by adults or children from falling down the steps. It also helps keep Fido safely on your deck, and you won’t have to worry about him running off or accidentally falling.

We have a complete line of deck railing accessories, including gates, that you can customize for your unique situation. We’ll match your gate to fit any opening, including double gates. These sturdy gates have black, powder-coated, stainless-steel hinges meant to last a lifetime. And if you need to add double gates to your porch to help keep in a favorite pet, we offer a self-closing spring set with a drop pin for extra security.

While our gates are beautiful on their own, feel free to add your own style to them to match the seasons! A fun way to beautify your new gate is by adding festive decor like wreaths or banners that go with the seasons. Adding house numbers or a sign with your family’s last name can also be nice personal touches.

Brighten Things Up with Lighted Caps for Deck Railings

Deck railing accessories, like gates, can provide a needed safety measure to your deck or patio, but so can other accessories, like lights. Many homeowners across central Pennsylvania have added lights to their deck railings to take advantage of the safety and beauty they provide.

Here at Elite Outdoor Expressions, we can add deck lighting to a new or existing deck in a few easy steps. Install LED lighting to run along your deck railings or in a corner that never seems to get enough light. LED lighting lasts longer than traditional electric lightbulbs and can help your energy costs, which every homeowner can feel good about.

Another lighting option is in the railing post caps. Special solar lights from Aurora Deck Lighting add a beautiful light that can emit from your railing’s post caps. Solar post caps can illuminate stairs that lead to the yard or brighten up your front porch. They can add pops of light to brighten even the darkest nights and provide a welcoming, relaxing glow after a long day.

We have a complete line of post caps that will match any home, and we upgrade your current post caps or install a completely new deck and railing system based on your budget and style.

Install Handrails for Extra Stability in Slick Conditions

Deck railing accessories are for more than just appearance. They serve a useful function as well, especially in the case of post-cap lights and handrails. When you complete your railing system with our handrails, you provide extra support and stability for those who need it. In addition, 1/2-inch to one-inch round handrails can help you stay steady on your feet after the snow has fallen or an ice storm hits the area.

Ready to Upgrade the Look of Your Deck with New Railing Accessories?

Enjoy your outdoor space throughout the year with beautiful and helpful accessories from Elite Outdoor Expressions. We have been installing deck and deck railing accessories since 1995 in homes all around central Pennsylvania.

Our goal has always been to improve homeowner convenience by offering top-quality, maintenance-free products that add beauty to your home and outdoor spaces. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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