How Do I Build a Strong Deck Railing System That Lasts?

If you’re the type of homeowner who enjoys completing DIY projects around your home and backyard, you’re probably well aware that building your own deck and railing system from wood can be a fulfilling venture. However, while you can certainly DIY your deck or porch railings, it’s not the safest thing to do—or even the most cost-effective over the long haul. Especially if you do not have top-level construction skills.

The best way to build a strong deck railing system that will last for decades is to trust the pros at Elite Outdoor Expressions.


It comes down to experience. Since the formation of our company in 1995, we have built hundreds of decks and railing systems for happy customers throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. We also have access to a variety of materials that are just plain better than wood in terms of longevity, maintenance needs, and safety for your family and visitors to your home. Read on to discover how our deck railing options are different.

Choose the Right Materials

When it comes to porch and deck railing materials, there are a lot of options out there that range from very basic wood and composite deck railing to pricy wrought iron and even glass options.

In the center of the material spectrum—which we believe offers the best balance of performance and budget-friendliness that most smart homeowners want—are aluminum railings and vinyl, our favorite material here at Elite Outdoor Expressions.

Aluminum Railings

As a deck railing material, aluminum sometimes gets a bad rap. This is because many homeowners imagine the dull, black aluminum railings that were often available in the big-box home improvement stores in the past.

Modern, powder-coated aluminum comes in a rainbow of color options and presents a fantastic alternative to heavy, maintenance-hungry wrought iron railings. With aluminum railings, you can achieve a truly elegant look for less money upfront versus wrought iron, which may create more hassle over the course of ownership.

And, if you like the modern look of cable-style railings, aluminum is certainly worth a look versus stainless steel and heavier cable systems.

Discover Our Aluminum Railing Styles

And, of Course, Vinyl Railings!

Here at Elite Outdoor Expressions, we absolutely believe that vinyl is the best material for modern deck railings because it’s stylish and functional without all the negatives of traditional wood railings. In fact, we were previously known as Elite Vinyl Railings, and that tells you everything you need to know about our confidence in vinyl as a deck railing system.

Vinyl won’t fade, crack, or splinter. You don’t have to paint or stain it either. Factoring in vinyl’s extremely low maintenance needs, it means you’ll spend much less—perhaps as much as 50% less—on upgrading from wood or even wrought iron.

Discover Our Vinyl Railing Styles

Want The Best of Both Worlds? Discover Our Specialty Railings!

If you like the look of aluminum and vinyl railings and can’t quite decide between the two, we have good news for you. Our array of design options in the specialty railings category frequently include combinations of vinyl top rail and bottom rail with aluminum balusters.

Like our Valley Forge deck railing, specialty railings are more modern and often have a thicker profile than standard/straight and turned vinyl styles. Specialty railings can also feature two different colors for the rails and balusters or spokes.

Or, remember that glass-paneled railing we mentioned earlier? Our Clearview specialty style railings use 1/4” thick tempered glass cut into a slot in our vinyl rails. You get an unobstructed view that is the perfect railing for patios, decks, or nearly anywhere you want the surrounding beauty of the landscape to shine through!

Get Expert Installation

At Elite Outdoor Expressions, we support the DIY spirit and are happy to provide homeowners or their chosen home improvement contractors with materials to build their deck railings themselves. However, as we mentioned above, deck building takes a high-level of carpentry skill to get right.

When you want your new deck railing to be as durable and strong as possible, trust our railing installation professionals here at Elite Outdoor Expressions. We have decades of installation experience and have completed thousands of customer projects. Since every project is customized to your needs and wants, we focus on the details, using our experience to avoid common pitfalls and problem areas.

Ready to Start Your Deck Railing System Upgrade Project?

Contact Us at Elite Outdoor Expressions today for an accurate price quote, quality products, and expert installation for your vinyl or aluminum railings. We offer quality deck and porch railing installation service throughout Lancaster, Lebanon, York, West Chester, or Allentown, PA.

And, we can also help you upgrade your entire deck with maintenance-free Azek decking! Check out our Photo Gallery to see some of our past deck projects for inspiration!

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